Forgive me as I’m still working through shoots I took months ago. 2 months to be exact.  Honestly, not being able to settle into my own place as soon as I hope has been difficult. Living out of a suitcase, wearing the same clothes over and over again, NOT shopping is hard. Luckily, I’ve been […]

The Green OTS

I know that the off-the-shoulder look is the hot summer trend this year and that it will go out of style at one point, but I’m hoping it doesn’t. I’ve got so many compliments on the 2 OTS tops that I have and I’m loving it. You can easily tell that once I love a […]

Ruffled Romper

Got myself a romper. I used to not like rompers (just as much as me not liking jumpsuits). The inconvenience of one piece. Easy like a dress, but difficult to work in when going to the bathroom. The thing about this romper is that I cannot wear a bra. Yep, I said it – braless. […]