Forgive me as I’m still working through shoots I took months ago. 2 months to be exact.  Honestly, not being able to settle into my own place as soon as I hope has been difficult. Living out of a suitcase, wearing the same clothes over and over again, NOT shopping is hard. Luckily, I’ve been […]

Lace Tops

I’ve gotten so many compliments with this top. I originally hesitated buying it because I couldn’t justify spending that much on a top, so I waited and guess what? It went on a sale! (YAAA) Everyone loves a bargain so don’t judge. I’ve come across a fair amount of lace tops, either they’re fully lined […]

Light Colours

What I would do to have the nice weather back to when I could wear sleeveless tops and not freeze! Everytime when I talk to my friends about the weather, some would say that they would like to move to a place where it never snows or barely goes below 10 degrees. As much as […]