The Green OTS

I know that the off-the-shoulder look is the hot summer trend this year and that it will go out of style at one point, but I’m hoping it doesn’t. I’ve got so many compliments on the 2 OTS tops that I have and I’m loving it. You can easily tell that once I love a […]


I am seriously slacking on keeping up with this blog. It’s so weird not heading out every Sunday with Judy to take each other’s outfit post. Although she’s now on the other side of the country, I’m super excited to have one of my best friends move right around the street from me because that […]

In Between Weather

What do you wear when it’s sunny out, yet close to negative weather? For me, ripped jeans, chunky sweater and my winter coat. If I was to be stuck on Mt. Everest, my legs would be last to go cold. I know, I’m being dramatic, but that’s how I feel during the cold weather. I […]