Guys, I feel so cool in this outfit. This is by far the most edgy I’ve gone. The combination of the leather sleeves, leather boots, sunglasses – I’m feeling like a bada** The weather was also nice enough for me to bare my mid-riff. My mid-riff is the part that I’m most comfortable with baring […]

Simple & Easy

Never underestimate what high boots can do for short dresses. If I was to wear heels – yes, it’d give me the “leg for days” look, but it’s something that I’m not comfortable with. I’d feel too “exposed”. Best buy I’ve made in terms of designer wear. Also, never underestimate what statement necklaces can do […]

Leaf Wall

Guys, look at this wall covered in leaves. Seriously, if we’re still wondering whether or not it’s fall, this is it. All I do in the fall and winter is layer like there’s no tomorrow. I have a decent size closet, but I wear the same things over and over again, just wearing other pieces […]

Twist & Turns

These boots. This top. I’m in love. I might have hesitated getting both these pieces but I’m glad I ended up getting them. I got lots of compliments on this top when I wore it for the first time to work and these boots, self-explanatory, they’re hot. The detail and styling in this top is […]