Forgive me as I’m still working through shoots I took months ago. 2 months to be exact.  Honestly, not being able to settle into my own place as soon as I hope has been difficult. Living out of a suitcase, wearing the same clothes over and over again, NOT shopping is hard. Luckily, I’ve been […]

Lace Details

One of my favourite fabric is lace. I’ve probably mention it about a million times now. It’s, in my opinion, THE best fabric that can best represent femininity. It’s soft, delicate and just plain pretty in every way. I don’t think I’ve ever come across “ugly” lace. I love the combination of the pinstripe with […]

Mixing the Looks

Always mixing the feminine pieces with the masculine pieces… is that how you say it? Is there even such a saying? I honestly don’t know how else I can wear this super tight, short body con dress without having people stare me down and me constantly pulling down the dress. So what other way for […]

The Boyfriend Look

Everything that I’m wearing here is a little bit big, hence “the boyfriend look”. Every single piece belongs to me, nothing taken from my brother or “boyfriend’s” closet, just an fyi. I’ve worn similar outfits like this before but with different pieces – somewhere in the combination of a skinny jean and a loose blazer […]