Shorts on Repeat

The only shorts that I will wear this summer. All the other shorts are “shortie” style. Way to short for my liking. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I honestly have no idea why I bought the shortie style shorts for. Maybe because I had smaller thighs back then, […]

Jumpsuit Love

I’m really starting to love this jumpsuit the more and more I play around with my styling options. Whether I wear a collar shirt underneath or just alone with a blazer over it, I’m able to create different looks with it. I never worn this blazer outside of my blogging life. The truth is, it […]

Joshua Perets

About a month back, I received an email from Joshua Perets, a Montreal-based brand about a collaboration. Whether you’re a beauty or fashion blogger or any kind of blogger, you will receive emails of brands reaching out to you to collaborate. Trust me when I say it’s a nice feeling having a brand reach out […]

Bundled Up

I will admit that Toronto has had a pretty decent winter. We do have those days where all of a sudden, you wake up one more and there’s like a feet of snow outside, but for most days, the weather is decent outside. Nothing to complain. Well, actually, I will complain that the weather needs […]

This Jacket Though

This might sound lame but this jacket makes me feel so cool. It’s the best combination of classic and edgy, classic because it’s a trench, yet edgy because of the leather sleeves – a twist. With the focus being on the leather detailing of the coat, I kept everything minimal – black jeans and a […]