The Oversized Look

Don’t mind the green street sign and the red car. That’s what happens when you shoot in the middle of the street. There’s no good backdrop unless you shoot in front of a garage. I’m still trying to work on some of the outfits I wore when I was in Boston weeks ago. This new […]

x3 Details

Keeping things simple when I was on a quick trip to Boston for a weekend. One of my favourite pieces this winter was this turtleneck. It has gone with so many things in my closet and it gives off a very luxurious look with the button detailing on the sleeve. Denim skirts is making it’s […]

Button Details

Not trying to imply that I go all crazy with how I style my outfits but I wanted to keep the focus on the tailoring and gold, button detailing on the sweater, blazer, and pant. Not only the detailing but I feel that this entire outfit really accentuates my body (yes, I sound full of […]

December Instagram Sum-Up

My instagram sum-up – what’s been going on in the month of December (and a little of November); _oneatatime I’ve always wanted to try having brunch at the Drake Cafe and so when my cousin came to visit, he suggested the Drake Cafe. The chicken and waffle wasn’t as great as I expected. Everyday when […]


On my Instagram, I post up a lot of sunset/clouds/skies photos. It might seem random and/or typical of bloggers to post such things, but for me, it’s special. I started this blog to inspire not only myself, but anyone else who comes by. Those moments of pausing and looking into the sky and seeing how […]


2nd and last day in Boston/Worcester was all about Wahlburger!! My family and I have been watching the show Wahlburger on A&E and we’re in love with this family! They are one hilarious bunch of people, especially the mother! Wahlburger is located in Hingham, Mass, which is about 30mins south of Boston. The restaurant is […]