Stay-cations are always nice. It’s the inexpensive way to have a vacation. Even though I have a place of my own now, it’s still nice to check into a hotel (even if the hotel is literally 15 mins down the street from where I live.) Being a part of the Starwood program, there are a […]

December Instagram Sum-Up

My instagram sum-up – what’s been going on in the month of December (and a little of November); _oneatatime I’ve always wanted to try having brunch at the Drake Cafe and so when my cousin came to visit, he suggested the Drake Cafe. The chicken and waffle wasn’t as great as I expected. Everyday when […]

Instagram Sum-up!

November Instagram Sum-Up! A new brunch place I found. Lola’s Kitchen. Located in Yorkville. I’m not a fan of coleslaw, but a part of the burger. yummm. One of my girlfriend came back from LA and she was complaining about how hard it is not having a driver’s license. So we’re both going to get […]


On my Instagram, I post up a lot of sunset/clouds/skies photos. It might seem random and/or typical of bloggers to post such things, but for me, it’s special. I started this blog to inspire not only myself, but anyone else who comes by. Those moments of pausing and looking into the sky and seeing how […]