Top Favourites: Rings

Working on up-ing my accessories game, specifically the jewelry department. I can never seem to justify spending 20 bucks on buying a ring. I can spend 20bucks on getting a top or a skirt. Luckily now-a-days, rings come in batches. YES. You can spend 5bucks going to Forever21 and getting sets of rings. I have […]

Top Favourites: Waist Coat

Another Sunday, another virtual window shopping day. Waist coats is the jacket version during the spring/summer weather. It doesn’t keep you warm like a real jacket but it does give off a jacket-vibe && it probably doesn’t cost as much as a jacket. I’ve been saying that I want a waistcoat since last summer and […]

Top Favourites: Strappy

A girl can never have to many heels. Whether it’s platforms, open-toed, espadrilles, straps, flats – the list goes on, it will never be enough. My heel collection isn’t that big. Whether or not its going to grow – I don’t know. BUT there is definitely room for scrappy heels. I have none. You’ll be […]