Everything Pink

I need to get better at this posting thing. I need to find some motivation to just sit down and get to editing these photos and post them. It doesn’t even have to be all at once. It can all be scheduled.

But honestly, life has been a bit rough and unfortunately a lack of motivation has resulted in the lack of life here. The colder weather coming soon will definitely not help. I hate to go on a definitely hiatus since blogging is my creative outlet, but again, it comes to the motivation that I do not have.

On a completely different more positive note, I wish I would’ve enjoyed the summer weather more. I wish I could’ve worn more skirts and dresses and have more reasons to wear my heels.

This is by far as pink as I’ve ever went. Pink is my favourite colour so I guess it’s not a surprise. I went to a wedding earlier that week and had my nails done (something I don’t do often) and I really wanted to show them off. How perfect was it to have a pink bag and a pink dress to tie the entire look together. Honestly, I felt pretty damn good in this outfit.

Dress – H&M | Bag – Furla | Accessories – Asos/The Peach Box

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  1. Wow! What a nice Pink Dress is this that she had wear in it.

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