Sticking to the Basic

Slowly but surely, I’m getting to all the outfit photos I took during the summer. As everyone is preparing and posting fall outfits, I’m really not letting go of the warm (hot) weather just yet. It’s October but the temperature is still sitting at 20+ degrees. Summer weather.

Months back I met up with Tina from stylingthesix. This was our second time meeting up since our blogger brunch earlier in the year. The nice thing about taking photos with other bloggers is that they know what you want and they make sure you look good; that your hair isn’t sticking out, that the shirt is tucked properly. They have your back. Not only that but there’s a comfort level of not being shy.

It was a fun shoot and I think it was well reflected in the photos.

Skirt – Zara | Top – Zara

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