San Francisco ’16 – Day 4

Can you imagine it’s been nearly a year since I’ve been back and I’m still working on this. I’m terrible.

I figured it’s about time I get to this as I’m craving oh-so-badly for another vacation… and it just so happens.. I’m going to NYC in December!! Super excited since it’s been nearly a year since I’ve gone and I’m going away with my best friend. I guess this is the right time to finally get to my vacation in San Fran over with.

The final day was an early start. We have yet to see the Golden Gate Bridge and I really wanted to see it before the sun came out. We left our hotel by 7am. Unfortunately, our transportation route wasn’t what we expected. With our CityPass, I figured we can use that to get on the bus that takes us over the bridge. I was wrong. We had to pay an extra fare of $5 each to get on. Luckily, we still had cash on us, but sadly, we didn’t get to the bridge until after the sunrise.

The walk to getting to the view point was like a hike, and a very scary walk under a bridge, but the view was incredible. The entire walk was worth while and with every angle, it just got better and better. Living in a city like I do, you never get that chance to get vast greens and hills. By the time we got to the view point, no one was there. It was major zen moment. Absolute tranquillity.

Next stop on the list, Fine Palace of Fine Arts. FYI, this place has its own geo-tag on SnapChat. Unlike any other city I’ve been to, I’ve been blown away by the architecture of this city, especially after seeing this place. This will be the closest I get to seeing anything remotely close to being in Europe. This place was the first time in our trip where Kevin and I actually sat down and took in our surrounding. We sat right in front of the palace and just stared.

Before leaving to San Fran, I came up with an itinerary. Did we follow it exactly? Kinda. One thing I wanted to do and Kevin to enjoy is actually having moments where we would take in the city. Every night we found ourselves back at Pier 39, sitting by the pier, watching the sea lions. Yes there were moments where we’re like like wtf (probably him more than me), but overall our trip was amazing. 3 nights was perfect to see everything. We explored the city, ate at a number of restaurant, Kevin finally had In-N-Out burger and most importantly, to me, my friendship with Kevin grow stronger and he has definitely made my best friend list.

Until next time San Fran. You were expensive, but you were a great, worth while trip.

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