Choker Tops w/ Tobi

Choker tops, one of the summer trends that I never bought into until now. But at the same time, summer is over (at least I think it is. Heat wave warning in late September… is it over?) Regardless, I’m late to this trend.

There’s a reason though. I never like the idea because it comes off dog-leashy and looks like I’m chocking (duh, choker tops).

Surprisingly, I did like this top though from Tobi. I have a weak spot for anything off the shoulder and the choker part did look cute here.

Starting this blog meant putting myself out of my comfort zone from not just being in front of the camera, but also experiencing new looks and styles that I wouldn’t be into. Even going bra-less, yes, maybe TMI, but I’m going to share.

Top – Tobi | Skirt – H&M | Heels – BCBG

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