“Borrowing” From Her Closet

I’ve cut my hair since these photos were taken. If you look at my last outfit post, my hair is shorter. I’m just finally getting to these outfits that I took a while back. I’ve actually cut it twice now as I write this post.

I’m sure you guys know that I’m on my own and that I don’t live with my parents. For those who know live on their own, would know the list of responsibilities there are when you’re on your own. Besides all that and the home cooked meals, I do miss going through my sister’s closet. Honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air because it’s like shopping without spending your own money. It’s great. Top to bottom, everything is my sisters – minus the jeans though.

I honestly miss dressing in clothes like this. I like my new job, I do, but it’s a different dress attire. Heels and blazers aren’t exactly a must. Going through these photos do make me miss being able to wear outfits like this.

Blazer – Ann Taylor | Sweater – H&M | Jeans – DL1961 | Heels – Loft

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