The Red Velvet Bomber

Well, I’m sort of back. Life has been a bit of a mess – not entirely a mess, but there’s been a couple of bumps in the road that made me stop updating and posting as often as I would like. Not sure how definite this would be, but as for now, I’m back online and it feels great.

Last weekend, I met up with Tina, had a lovely brunch session at Richarda’s and did what we always do – multiple outfit changes and taking each other photos.

I think this is by far the most casual I’ve ever looked on here. Not saying I don’t do the casual look, it’s just I will take every chance I got to wear heels and get all dolled up. It’s the sneakers – curiosity of the sister of course.

I’ve never been the bomber jacket kind of person, but when I saw this on Shein, I figured, it’s about time I get something velvet. It was during the holidays to which made this light jacket ideal. I’ve gotten lot of compliment on it as well. I love the rich, vibrant red and the sleeve rouching details. I actually didn’t notice it until I’ve worn it a couple of times.

I’ve been trying to go for this casual laid-back look lately and this entire outfit, I think I nailed it.

Bomber – Shein | Top – American Eagle | Jeans – American Eagle | Shoes – Adidas

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