San Francisco ’16 – Day 3

The sun finally came out and it was a long day! We took advantage of having a full day of sun and did pretty much everything.

Our first stop of the day before brunch was to head back to the Art Institute. The view from the night before definitely made me want to see it again during the day. It was pretty amazing. The beauty about it too was that no one was there. Yes it was a Sunday but it wasn’t a tourist attraction so it was empty.

As much as I hated walking up and down those hills, with this view, you can really see what this city is known for and for me, it was incredible and different from the East coast. Tthe rows and rows of pastel-coloured homes, loved it.

Of course after this, we stopped at Lombard Street. It was probably just 8am when we got here and there were already a bunch of people trying to get a photo. There was no shame in us being typical tourists.

I knew about Cafe Reveille from Julia. I knew I had to go here because of the cute pink tables! It was pretty windy that day so we didn’t sit outside, but inside was just as chic. I’m appreciative of Kevin’s patience as I arrange the food on the time to take a photo. The food was good. Overpriced after the currency change, but it was good. I’d definitely go here again. Located far south, the neighbourhood reminded me a lot like Toronto; the flat land, the streetcars, the construction zones. Surprisingly it wasn’t busy for what I felt to be the downtown core. We just seated ourselves and the food came.

Our next stop was Chinatown. Apparently, Chinatown is a thing in San Fran, so we thought we’d check it out. It’s an interesting neighbourhood – people we hanging their clothes to dry out in their balcony. Growing up living with my family, we’d watch Chinese dramas. I felt like I was walking the streets of a historic melodrama. It didn’t take us long to walk through it all and our next stop was Painted Ladies

Everyone knows about Full House and this iconic row of houses. My sisters grew up watching this show, but honestly, I don’t remember much except of the characters and actors that starred in the show. Kevin knew the theme song. I had no clue. The park was closed when we got here so we didn’t get the chance to sit and have a little picnic. It was busy as well that it was hard to get a photo without another tourist photobombing your photo. Because the park was closed off, there was very little space to stand and I couldn’t get a further backup photo.

Next on our list was one of the attractions on the CityPass, California Academy of Sciences. When we got there, it was busy. SUPER BUSY. We found out that it was a free admission day so literally, every kid in the city was there with their family. We hung in there for about 30 mins, did one activity and left. I don’t do crowds – especially kids crowds. So we decided to leave it for the next day and make use of the ticket.

So instead, we hopped on the bus and went to City Hall.

This building is majestic. The gold tips on top of the building and the gold accents – the best City Hall building I’ve seen.

Last stop of the day was a cruise. When it comes to cruises, I generally like to take it as the sun is setting. Once again, sucker for a view. Although, it was the wrong idea because it did get colder without the sun and with the ocean wind. -_-

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