San Francisco ’16 – Day 2

Day 2/Day 1 was pretty… wet. It pretty much rained all day. I guess that’s the San Fran weather for you. I swear, the 1st 2 hours of the day was me complaining about the rain and the hills.

I honestly was not expecting all that rain, so I went unprepared. Thank god, Kevin had an umbrella. Although, the umbrella didn’t really work out cause walking up those hills, with the wind blowing against you, we still got wet. Kevin had to wrap his camera with a towel – that was how bad the rain was.

Through this trip, I learnt that I’m directionally challenged. In my defence, I was thrown by where the water was. In Toronto, the water is south. In San Fran, the water is north. 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. I’m glad Kevin wasn’t. Throughout the trip, I had to pass him the map and ask, are we walking left or right?

Our days were planned. I never go to a new city without a thorough itinerary. We started our days early. 6:30/7am early. Maybe it was because of the time difference, but walking up that early wasn’t so hard.

First things first, breakfast at Rose’s Cafe on Union. Before moving to South Carolina, Julia from GalMeetsGlam posted a San Fran City Guide and this was on her list. The restaurant was about a 20 min walk away from our hotel so we decided to walk. It was probably the worst idea because this is when my complaining started – hills, hills and more hills plus rain. What was supposed to be a 20 min walk turned into about a 35 min walk because we had to stop to catch our breath. By the time we got to the restaurant, we were soaked. We enjoyed our Italian breakfast and then uber-ed to the next destination because walking in the rain was not an option.

Since it was still raining, we did all the indoor activities that day. This was pretty much all the museums in our City PassThe Aquarium of the Bay and The Exploratorium. Both museums were in close proximity with one another and our City Pass being a bus pass as well was convenient for us that we would hop on and off the bus/cable cars.

Personally I was not impressed with the aquarium. Mainly because I found it small and it didn’t have any species that I enjoyed seeing. Although, I did enjoy touching some of the animals and watching the otters swim in circles. It didn’t take long for us to finish with the Aquarium and we moved onto the Exploratorium which was down the street.

The Exploratorium is an interactive museum which was pretty cool. A lot of kids were there and we spent a couple of hours in here, enjoying all the little activities that they had.

Moving onto lunch! Before the trip, I connected with a photographer name Verne Ho on IG. He’s been to San Fran many times and actually moved there back in January for work. We met up before my trip and he gave me a list of places to try out. This place we had lunch was recommended by him. It was a Vietnamese restaurant named The Slanted Door located inside the Ferry Building. Kevin has a seafood allergy, so seafood by the Bay wasn’t ideal. While waiting for our table, this was the view that we saw. The Bay Bridge.

By the time we finished lunch, it was still raining so we bought ourselves a mini cheesecake, some Auntie Anne’s pretzels, walked back to the hotel and pretty much called it a day. It was probably only 4 o’clock by this time. We simply couldn’t do much because of the rain.

The rain eventually stopped.

Everytime I visit a new city, I always love to see the city at night and during the day. Seeing the city with the sun up and the city in lights, it takes my breathe away. Checking out Lombard Street aka The Crooked street and San Fran Art Institute was on my list. It was near our hotel so we went for a late night walk. Even at night, Lombard street was busy with tourists. The Art Institute was what I was looking forward too. I googled photos of this place and it gave the perfect unobstructed view of the city.

There’s a story behind trying to get this view. It involved police crime yellow tape, a random cat and a very eerie building. But I’m not gonna share that. Instead, I’ll share one of the beautiful views this building was able to give. Kevin and I spent about 30 mins up here, alone, enjoying this view. We had to come back the next morning.

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