San Francisco ’16 – Day 1

Well, here it is everyone, my San Francisco travel diary. It’s kind of nice ending the year with another vacation. I was thinking to myself the other day that I haven’t gone anywhere at all this year, but I actually went to New York back in April with Judy. Both trips are pretty special to me because both trips I took with my closet friends.

San Francisco is on my bucket list. However, it’s not the first new city I’m dying to go to. I chose San Fran over LA.

Honestly, this trip was pretty “last minute”. One of my best friend Kevin and I have been jokingly saying “Let’s go away.” “Let’s go to New York”. Little did I know that it was actually going to happen. We booked our flights on Monday and boarded the plane Friday morning.

I was hesitant to San Fran. Even on the day of our flight, I wasn’t pumped like I usually am when I go away. I didn’t know why. Maybe it was because the trip was pretty expensive? Maybe because San Francisco isn’t the usual city that I go too? Even when planning the trip, I had no idea what to do. Regardless of how I felt, everything was booked and we were going – had to make the best out of it.

Flying to the west coast is always expensive. Paying $500CAD for a round trip and another $380CAD for hotel was pretty tough. Poor our bank accounts. When I told people about how much we were paying for the flights, they said it was a deal. What deal!? $500 is a lot! But then I took a moment and thought about it. All the trips I take is on the east coast, so you can imagine that flights are half that price. As tempting as it was to pay less than $300 for a round trip to New York City, paying $300+ for hotels for 3 nights was not worth it. Paying more for flights and less for hotel is how I justify my destinations.

We booked everything on (No priceline did not pay me to say this. You can honestly get cheaper flights here with their EXPRESS deals). 4 days later, we were on the 7am flight to San Francisco!

9 hours later…

We finally arrived! Honestly, by the time we arrived, Kevin and I were exhausted that we had an early night. How early? 6pm.

We got into the city around 4pm. We uber’ed to the city which costed us about $45USD which wasn’t that terrible once converted to CAD. The drive in isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before. There weren’t skyscrapers like I’m used too. Instead, there were hills of houses align side by side. It was a different view. A different, yet beautiful view.

We booked our hotel through priceline as well, which meant we got a really nice deal for hotel. It wasn’t the traditional SPG hotel I usually stayed at, but it was a deal. I’ll take it. We ended up staying at the Holiday Inn in Fisherman’s Wharf. The hotel served as the best location for us. Every night, we found ourselves walking along Pier 39, stopping to watch the sea lions and enjoying the breeze. Another plus, it was 3 mins away from In-N-Out.

Of course, that was our first meal in San Francisco. In-N-Out. I’ve only had In-N-Out once when I was in Las Vegas and I remember being in love with it. Unfortunately, I think I hyped it a little too much for myself and Kevin that there wasn’t the WOW factor anymore. After In-N-Out, we walked towards Ghirardelli Square. Little did we know that Ghirardelli chocolate was found in San Fran which made sense to why there was a block dedicated to the brand.

As it was a very foggy evening, we arrived just as the sun was setting, and we were exhausted, we called it an early night after a walk along Pier 39, listening to the sea lions call but could not see any of them.

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