Top Favourites: Bombers


You have to admit, a bomber jacket is another staple jacket you should have in your closet. Whether it’s satin, cotton, meshed, nylon, you have to have a bomber jacket. It’s like owning a denim jacket or a blazer. You never know when you’ll come across those days when that particular piece is what completes your outfit.

Once again, I don’t have one. Bomber jacket has never been my look because to me, I associate it with the laid-back, casual, maybe even hipster vibe. There definitely are those days when I wished I had one. For those days when I can just wear my runners, look “sloppy” and turn on my bomber instead of a blazer or trench coat.

So I’ve rounded up a couple of bombers that I’m hoping to have in my closet sooner than later – preferably the satin looks.

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