Top Favourites: Anything Ruffled


The thing I love about anything ruffled is that there’s so much life and volume to a piece. You don’t necessarily need much to complete the outfit. Not much accessories to be added.

I enjoy the simplicity of wearing my clothes – not saying I don’t appreciate the thought and effort people put behind their OOTD e.g. layering, but it’s an easy one piece throw on and out the door you go. Every morning, I wake up and my thought about what to wear is a dress. All my dresses are simple and so I would have to add a belt or a necklace to “jazz up” the outfit. When I think about how easy it is to have more ruffled pieces, I don’t have to stress about completing my outfit.

The nice thing about wearing ruffled pieces is that you can eliminate the extra 5 to 10 mins in your morning routine and just wear something that can stand on its own. Call me lazy but I would do anything for the extra 10 min sleep.

1. Topshop 2. Storets 3. Tibi
4. Topshop 5. Asos 6. H&M
7. Asos 8. Storets

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