Top Favourites: Rompers


I was never a fan of rompers. They would always ride up you know where and it’s such a pain to go to the bathroom.

Recently, I’ve learn to love them. It has the simplicity of a dress. Just throwing it on with a pair of sandals and out the door you go. You don’t have to worry about finding the right top or the right bottom to match. It’s being lazy. But it works, especially on the days when you’re running late. Every closet clean up that I have, my rompers never make it to the next season/year. Kind of wished I still had them because now I’m on the hunt.

1. The Fifth Label 2. Tularosa 3. State of Being
4. Privacy Please 5. Lovers & Friends 6. Alexis
7. Privacy Please 8. Lovers & Friends 9. Asos

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