Top Favourites: Rings


Working on up-ing my accessories game, specifically the jewelry department. I can never seem to justify spending 20 bucks on buying a ring. I can spend 20bucks on getting a top or a skirt. Luckily now-a-days, rings come in batches. YES. You can spend 5bucks going to Forever21 and getting sets of rings.

I have a terrible habit of losing all my rings. The number of rings I’ve bought over the years – all gone. I probably have one or two left, but those one or two happen to not be my favourites. So lucky for me, because these rings are inexpensive and not hundreds of dollars, if I lost it, it’s not a #crymeariver moment.

1. Forever21 2. Forever21 3. Forever21
4. Forever21 5. Asos 6. Forever21
7. Asos – Misguided 8. Asos 9. Asos

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