“Home” Sweet “Home” 3

Last one I promise. No matter how long my trips are, I still somehow manage to make 3 posts out of them. (I have a lot to share and irrelevant things to tell you guys)

A lot happened on our last day – although we did find ourselves doing nothing for the last 5 hours of our trip. We took the last bus back home, which was 11pm and we didn’t want to carry our bags everywhere so we squeezed everything we had left to see before our checkout.

First stop of the day – coffee! Judy being a coffee-lover, we had to go to Ralph. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers take photos in the Ralph Lauren store with all the white and black interior decorating that I definitely wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, the Ralph Lauren store and the Ralph’s coffee was 2 different stores. Ralph’s coffee is on 5th and Ralph Lauren flagship store was on Madison. We didn’t realize it until we got to Ralph’s Coffee, checked all corners and found out, it wasn’t the right store.

We still ended up getting coffee and spent about 30 mins taking a bunch of photos (duh!) before leaving. The visual team and/or designers did such a wonderful job of creating a clean aesthetic for the coffee shop with the right amount of green and white and fitting coffee tables and sweets. Looking at just the coffee part of the store on its own, you wouldn’t think that beyond the coffee, it’s actually in a retail store.


I believe we started walking south from 5th avenue. Passing all the “shopping life”, down to the Cathedral. We walked pass the church the night before, but anyone who sees this building would say that this building is a lot more magnificent during the day then night. The church had their doors opened that day, so we walked in to see. We didn’t have to pay a fee, but I think to go further in, closer to the stage, you probably had to pay admission.


I was super excited to show Judy Grand Central. I still remember the feeling I had when I first saw the main concourse. I was blown away. Since we both watched Gossip Girl, we knew this was an iconic place. If only we had a 360 camera to capture the moment. The New York Whispering Arch – everyone must try! You might look silly, but it’s absolutely so cool. Because of the domed ceiling, the whispers travels from one corner to another. A MUST DO!

A stop at the New York Public Library was definitely on the list. Not a NYC trip for a blogger without a photo-op here.

I believe at this point, we were tired so we headed back to the hotel for a power nap and to pack up our things since it was close to check out time. I don’t even remember where we went to eat. As much as we would’ve love to try out the fancy restaurants, we didn’t have the time or the money to do so. Surprisingly, Joe & The Juice across the street from NYPL was pretty good – and we didn’t even yelp-ed it.


Our last major stop of the day was Top of The Rock. We didn’t go south enough to see the Empire State building, but we can see the Empire building from the Rockerfeller Centre – that was good enough. The view of NYC is something that will never get old to me. I can stay up there all day. I would probably camp out there – and there’s very limited reception up there too. By the time we got to the top, we had no idea where to go from here. We’ve already checked everything off of our list for this trip, so we sat up there for about 30 mins.

The trip was great and I’m so glad that I went to my favourite city with one of my favourite girls. I remember on our last day, we were walking back to our hotel and I was having a moment. I wanted to hug EVERYTHING and kiss it goodbye. I was so sad to leave because I missed everything about New York and the life that it gave me. I felt like I was gonna cry. Judy understood – which was great. It was nice to know that even without the right words, she knew why I loved it. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love New York and that I would move to this city in a heartbeat if I’m ever given the chance. It was a wonderful quick trip, and I wish I could do it all over again.

New York, I love you <3

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