“Home” Sweet “Home” 2

Did it really take me nearly a month to write part 2 of this New York trip I took back in April? Clearly I love to procrastinate. There really is no excuse.

Continuing where I left off in the first post, here, we finally checked into our hotel and power napped for about 3 hours. I believe it was supposed to be shorter than that but our alarms didn’t go off…


Oh, I must add, that as delicious as Shake Shack is, it’s kinda overpriced.

Continuing our trip, next on your list was Central Park. Us watching Gossip Girl, Central Park was definitely on the list. We didn’t walk from end to end because, I think we did enough walking for the day, and everything you want to see is generally in the south end of the park. Of course we had to check out the iconic places that are filmed on the show, for example the bridges, Bethesda Terrace and fountain, the Walkway (that’s in every New York City based movies where the actors are talking in Central Park.) Central Park, as a whole is such a beautiful area with many things to see and do that you will never get bored, not just scenery but performances. You will find yourself coming across me spots and rocks that gives you a different and beautiful view of the city. Another reason to why I love this city.

Anyone who follows any blogger on Instagram have probably seen this cupcake ATM shenanigans. This to me, is life. Cupcakes is #1 on my favourite bakery/sweet list. Lexington Ave isn’t a busy street as 5th Ave or Madison, but you can easily walk right by this place. It might be painted in pink, but it’s not hot pink where it will shout out at you. It’s the most nicest thing I’ve seen. It takes cards only which is nice because I definitely did not have 4$ in change. And yes, it’s only 4$. It’s close to the price of a macaron alone. Totally worth it and Instagram worthy.

The Rockefeller Center never fails to impress me. It’s just a building, yes I know. But that building is freakishly tall that you have to stand so far back or angle your photo to get the entire building in your frame. It’s always busy. If it wasn’t filled with tourists, can I imagine myself lying down on the bench and just stare at the building all day. No idea why it was lit purple that night, but it definitely worked in my favour.


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