Top Favourites: What to Wear To A Wedding


A couple of days ago, my best friend from high school asked me to be her bridesmaid! I’m super stoked! Not only will it be the first wedding I’m attending, but also because it’s one of my oldest (as in longest friendship) friends wedding – which means it even better. Being invite will be exciting enough but to be her bridesmaid – 10x times better!

My sister came back from London, England which got me thinking about what is appropriate to wear to a wedding. This list may or may not be wedding appropriate, but I do love a lace number for any formal occasion for whatever weather.

1. Self Portrait 2. Self Portrait 3. Self Portrait
Aso 5. Self Portrait 6. Self Portrait
Self Portrait 8. Self Portrait

And yes, there is some bias-some with Self Portrait. I’m not sponsored. Just really love lace dresses.

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