“Home” Sweet “Home”

New York City, how I love you oh so much.

2 years later, I’m “home”. Honestly, until this day, New York City is a place I would love to move to. (unless something magical happens here in Toronto that would make me stay, besides that, my heart belongs elsewhere. Sorry, no hard feelings T.O)

Judy has never been to New York City. Being from Vancouver, she’s more of a west coast girl, visiting California probably as often as I visit New York City (maybe not as often, but you get the point. Judy – west coast. Rose – east coast.)

Every trip I’ve made where I directly head there from Toronto has been flights. I love the aerial view of the city. It’s absolutely breathtaking and I feel that it’s a wonderful first impression of this amazing city that never sleeps. People ask me why I love NYC and I can never find the words to describe it. The feeling is indescribable. All I know is that I feel at ease and that I belong. It’s a feeling that I had years ago and I’m glad that it’s still there.

Picture it: flying over New York City – seeing this massive land with Central Park right in the middle with hundreds of skyscrapers surrounding it. Getting off the plane and walking out the airport to seeing the iconic yellow cabs with “NYC” on it. Driving towards the city with another view of the Manhattan skyline on whatever bridge that has to be taken – Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Queensborough Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel. The moment you get off the plane and into the city, is movie-esque. It’s never a dull moment the second you get off the plane.

Since it was Judy’s first time, I wanted her to love and see the city the way I did. #nopressure Not being able to find the words, she knew why I loved it. Spending close to 48hrs, it was the trip that I needed to refresh my mind and body to a new job when I came back.


First stop off the long bus ride to New York City – coffee. Since it was close to 8am when we arrived, it was still early to check in so we decided to get some Starbucks. We freshen up and walked all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge in the rainy weather. Imagine how exhausted we were – no proper sleep, luggage to carry, rain and the walk from FIT to Brooklyn Bridge. It’s quite the walk for anyone who knows the city. Round of applause to both of us for making it that far and not dying. I knew Judy would love Soho and since it’s an iconic, tourist attraction, we had to walk through Soho towards the bridge. We manage to check off other attractions in between, Flatiron building, Washington Square Park, Union Square, Soho, art walls we might have come across on Instagram and finally towards the bridge – so lots of photos taken.

rainy day

We made it to the Brooklyn Bridge and manage to stay there for about 15 mins trying to take a decent photo before turning back and going for lunch. The bridge on a daily basis is probably super busy. You can never get a picture with an empty bridge. But duh, it was raining/showering which was why it was empty for us to stand there and take photo after photo.

By this time it was close to 11am, so we decided to go for brunch after spending about an hour before our trip creeping peoples Instagram and Yelp looking for a decent brunch place. There were a couple near Washington Square Park and Soho, but somehow, fail, most of the places were not open. HOW? It’s Saturday and almost 11am, why aren’t you open? Did you know how upset we were?? We were hungry and tired and wanted food!

So plans had to change. Shake Shack it was! Unfortunately because it was still raining, the Shake Shack near the Flatiron Building was not an option so we powered through to walking towards Shake Shack near Times Square and eat there. Luckily it was near our hotel so the walk wasn’t too long. Please keep in mind, we were still walking through all of this – with luggage and a cup of coffee each. Lets look at the map shall we? It’s not a bad walk. But when you’re lacking proper sleep and carrying a duffle bag/bagpack, it’s a loooong walk.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.53.16 PM

By the time we got to 8th Ave & 28th street, we gave up and took the cab to the Shake Shack where we indulged in a juicy burger and some fattening fries. With some food in our stomach and some energy, we of course had to walk through Times Square. Judy had to see Times Square both day and night. Being that it was a short tpri and many things to see, we did some exploring, visiting a couple of the stores before heading to the hotel, waiting in the lobby for about 2 hours before finally checking in. THANK GOD and boy did we need to clean up and get some sleep before heading out again. By the way, all of this took about 4 hours. Yes, we saw a lot in a short amount of time.

– to be continued –

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