New York City – Outfit 1


Just a quick post of one of the many outfits I wore on my quick 48hrs trip to NYC one weekend. Before leaving to NYC, Judy and I did a little shopping before we left. We both wanted to have something new to wear and to shoot with. I’ve always wanted a pair of white jeans and Zara was the way to go.

Honestly, white jeans are a lot harder to find than expected. Jeans are hard to find in general because it’s all about fit. But when you’re looking for white jeans, it’s not only about the fit, but also about how thick the fabric is. White jeans are see-through (duh!), so it was twice the struggle to find. The pair that I ended up getting was the 3rd pair that I tried on. 3rd times the charm I guess.

Happy Thursday!



Top – Topshop
Shirt – J.Crew
Jeans – Zara
Heels – Forever21


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  1. Love this outfit so much! Denim blouse, jeans and heels.. oh yeah! 🙂

    And as always.. so pretty! 🙂

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