Adore Me


Growing up, my parents would buy my sisters and I these cute cartoon pyjama sets in Chinatown. I think I liked them growing up. I THINK. At one point, I grew out of them and started to wear a random bottom and top to bed.

Then I started working and fell in love with the boxers from Aerie. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t suppose too, but I would wear my boxers around the residence building, to the restaurant downstairs in the building, the cafeteria across from my building, to do the laundry. I had people stared at me, but I didn’t care because I was so comfortable in them. Looking back at it now, wow was I brave!

Moving out on my own, being an adult, I think it’s pretty lame of me to say that I was happy to get an actual pyjama set to go with the new home. Adore Me had the softest and most comfy set that I’ve been wearing all day, everyday. Kinda wish I got the pants one because I’ve been wearing knee-high socks to keep the rest of my leg warm!


Happy New Year peeps!



Adore Me Sarah Pyjama Set


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