The Supposed New Year Eve’s Outfit


Cheers to the first blog post of the year && on the new site! I originally wanted this to go up on New Years Eve, but I guess I had something else unexpectedly planned for myself.

Besides visting my family in Worcester, I also enjoyed going through my sister’s closet. Mostly because she’s such a huge shopper and I can find the best things that can completely turn my outfit around – for example this stunning red J.Crew blazer and this statement necklace from Ann Taylor.

These 2 pieces really turned my outfit around because it was just originally the black and white. I’ve worn this jumpsuit on the blog before, but about 1 month ago, I got it altered (tapered in legs) to create a more slimming look then the wide-legged look that it had to being with. Probably the best decision because I wear this a lot more often now.

Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start!



Blazer – J.Crew
Shirt – J.Crew
Jumpsuit – H&M
Heels – Le Chateau
Necklace – Ann Taylor
Clutch – Marc by Marc Jacobs


Get this look for $80+ on Lookastic: Black Jumpsuit, Black Quilted Leather Clutch, White Floral Necklace, Black Cutout Suede Ankle Boots, Red Blazer, and White Dress Shirt

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