Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the new One At A Time blog!

I’ve been back from Boston since Tuesday and right after that, back to work. #backtoreality. During the days when I was away, for some strange unknown reason, I decided to completely change the look of my blog and give it a complete makeover. I bought the domain oneatatime.ca back in October and was waiting for my blog to turn 1 and then make the big announcement. But since it’s a new year, a new beginning, I figured, this would be more fitting right? (At least I hope it is.)

So on Monday, I spent all day changing the layout and look, downloading and uploading all my photos, moving them from the old server to the new server (which is still in progress) and trying to figure out how to kickstart the new year on a good note.

This post is a little special to me because it’s meant for my friends and family. Since the “not-so-official” launch of One At A Time back in March, I’ve tried to keep this blog a secret as much as I can. Making up lame excuses to quickly run outside with my brother to take photos or getting my brother to meet up with me after work – anything to not have them question. Not sure whether or not they believed it but, hey, I was able to keep it a secret until September when my lovely sister from Australia spoke of it. At this time, even my brother who took my photos have never seen my blog. So of course, my sisters and brother started creeping. Thanks guys. After that, my friends started stumbling across my Instagram page. Soon enough, the circle of people that I knew knew about it.

The reason why I never wanted anyone to know about this is because I wanted a non-family and friends following; which they respect. I guess at this point, I feel confident enough and proud of what I’ve done to send them the link and let them creep away.

So there you have it, friends and family, this is what I’ve been up too. SURPRISE!

Love it or hate it?



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