December Instagram Sum-Up

My instagram sum-up – what’s been going on in the month of December (and a little of November); _oneatatime

I’ve always wanted to try having brunch at the Drake Cafe and so when my cousin came to visit, he suggested the Drake Cafe. The chicken and waffle wasn’t as great as I expected.


Everyday when I take the streetcar to work, I’d pass by this. Never had the chance to take a picture until brunch. Apparently this will be how my love story starts..


Demetres! My dessert place in Etobicoke!


Even when checked in at the Westin and having my stayacation, I’m still working on the blog.



Brunch at Fran’s on Front Street. (Not as great as the one near Eaton Centre for some reason)


Skating at Harbourfront. Haven’t skated for over 2 years now. Still got it!

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Sleeps at the Westin are always the best


Always getting a room with a view.


Brunch at BierMrkt.


Work-life. And than attended a work Christmas party.

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The heavy snowfall that hit Toronto. It was so beautiful outside! (And than 3 days later… not so pretty)

A new year resolution: to start reading more.



The sun finally came out after a couple of gloomy days!


Decided to work on a last minute gift after being inspired by Aimee’s (SongofStyle) DIY



Christmas Eve! Very appropriate outfit to play elf.

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The first set of gifts I opened on Christmas Day. I didn’t spend Christmas with the family so I opened up the gifts that were given to me from work.


At the airport heading off to Boston! Peace out!
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Finally got to see some Christmas decorations around the house. The colour theme changes every year.

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Sitting in Starbucks and saw this sunset from the window. Actually left my seat to head outside to get this shot. #whatwedoforasunsetshot


Super super excited to have gone to my first patriots game! A great way for me to end 2014. This is the first season I’ve started watching football, so to be able to watch one with my brother and cousin (who I learn most of my football terminology from) was pretty nice. Hopefully when I do go to another game, we’ll win. #gopatriots


The last look of my old blog!


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