New York City Diaries 2012 Part 4

The last part I swear! I never realized how much I had to say writing these diary posts. And they’re only my 2012 experience! I still have 2013 talk about!

What was suppose to be the last day in New York ended up getting extended. As you guys know, I have family in Boston. With a sister who Ioves NYC and doesn’t like to vacation on her own, she called me up asking me to extend the trip until Sunday so that her and my cousin can come join me. At this point, I never knew how much I loved this city, so I said yeh, sure, why not? Ended my stay at the King & Grove and checked into the Milford in Times Square.


The Empire State Building; another Citypass attraction. With both the Empire State building and the Top of the Rock on the list, I thought it’d be a good idea to see Manhattan from the top at night and than another during the day. So for Thursday, it was all about the Upper East Side. Watching Gossip Girl, the UES was the side to be on (if you were a socialite). With my love for fashion and the respect for high-end designers, taking the bus up on Madison to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (a CityPass attraction), you pass hundreds (literally) of high-end stores, from Chloe, Tom Ford, Chanel, Mulberry, Celine etc was another sight to see.

Unfortunately, although the Mets is full of culture and history, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. The museum had 4 floors. I only checked out the Roman and Greek periods before leaving for lunch. I tried my best to stay there for about 2hours, but I just couldn’t. I later on realized that when it comes to museum, I have a thing for fossils and dinosaurs. Might have been a reason why I didn’t enjoy being at the Mets for long. I did check out the Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations exhibit though! That was highlight for me.

TIP: Manhattan at night is not as stunning and epic as seeing it during the day.

Pictures from seeing Manhattan at night at the Empire State Building



Checking into the Milford. Rooms were spacious and the beds were to die for!! Never seen a king bed this huge before (which I later on learn that Canadian and American king size beds are different. Hence I was impressed.)


Amazing, breathtaking views at the Top of the Rock / Rockefeller Center


With the Shake Shack located right across the street from the hotel, we would always see a HUGE line-up outside the restaurant from our window. Seeing the line-up there before and during restaurant hours, we had to give this place a try. Overpriced but pretty good.


Does anyone remember playing this back in the 90s??



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