Instagram Sum-up!

November Instagram Sum-Up!

A new brunch place I found. Lola’s Kitchen. Located in Yorkville. I’m not a fan of coleslaw, but a part of the burger. yummm.

1. Lola's Kitchen

One of my girlfriend came back from LA and she was complaining about how hard it is not having a driver’s license. So we’re both going to get our licenses together! (I have yet to finish reading this book though…)

2. Drivers license

I take the 501 streetcar to work everyday and passing by this park with the colours and leaves on the ground is the perfect picture of fall.

3. Trinity Bell Woods

You will always find me at Dineen on Yonge and Richmond. Working at the Bay, it’s a nice coffee shop to sit at with such fun baristas.

4. Dineen

Sunset Grill at 3pm with a co-worker.

7. Sunset Grill
8. Sunset Grill

Always at Dineen on days off working on the blog. Always getting the vanilla lattes.

9. Dineen

Don’t judge. My co-worker and I were craving for “breakfast” food. Yet he got a burger and I got eggs.

10. Frans

It’s always Dineen. Such a nice place to get some work done.

11. Dineen

Favourite chocolate of all time!!! Grew up with my sisters spending so much money on getting us the strawberry and banana drizzled in chocolate kabos, fruit tarts, chocolate covered pretzels. yummm.

12. Godiva

The first “heavy” snowfall in Toronto. Lovee!

13. Yonge&Queen

Sat at Dineen all day working on those New York City diaries. Their apple cider is another favourite of mine and their brownies are sooo soft!!

14. Dineen



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  1. We need a Dineen date! I’ve never been but it’s not too far from my place and you seem to like it there..

    1. Yes we will go! One day for our lunch!

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