Las Vegas ’14 – Part 1


I’m finally done my first Vegas post!

About two weeks ago, I went on a really quick vacation to Vegas for 2 nights. 3 if you count the last day being the day I flew out at 11:30pm. I spent a really short time over in the west coast, especially since it was my first time there. I know, 2 days in Vegas, was it worth it? I’d say it was. 1 because I really needed a vacation, so I didn’t care. 2, I was seeing one of my really good friend (whom I met in Toronto who moved to LA, but was in Vegas for the Magic Trade Show) and 3, her being there made it the perfect chance to go.

Although I was only there for 3 days, 2 nights, I feel like I saw everything that I wanted to see. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the main tourist-y things like ride the High Roller or the Zip Line Ride through the Strip, but I definitely did do some relaxing (which was needed).

I arrived in Vegas on Monday night at 11:30pm (Vegas time) with a 3 hr behind jet lag (Toronto is ahead 3hrs). Because I was starving, I immediately texted my friend, going “I’m starving! Get over here (my hotel) so we can go eat!”. Stayed at the MGM Grand. About a 10 min ride, 15bucks cab ride from the airport. First human interaction I had with someone from Vegas was shitty. I accidentally tipped the cab driver .15cents instead of 15% and he yelled at me! He complained and pointed it out, going “You only tipped me .15cents. What the hell?” Of course I apologize. The machine prompted a percentage so I punched in 15%, but somehow it turned out to .15cent. I didn’t have any american cash on me so all I could do was apologize and get out (how Canadian of me, right? Apologizing.)

Checked into the hotel, went smoothly but not the greatest service. I haven’t stayed at many hotels before, but I do have to say that all the ones that I’ve been too, had great service! They smile, created some small talk and all, but the MGM, nothing. They ask you for your id, go over your room selection and fee, give you the key and off you go.

The room itself was nice, spacious, tv, couch, table – the basics. The MGM, the building, at night luminates with this green WICKED-like light, so the entire room would have this green light shining in. I picked a room with the strip view and it was beautiful, both at night and in the morning. At night because, come on, it’s the Vegas strip and in the morning because when the sun rises , the way it shines on the buildings is amazing (Unfortunately, I didn’t take any picture because I was half awake when the sun was rising.) My friend and I ended up staying up until 4am, walking the strip, drinking and catching up. Did you know that the Kitson stays open until 2am? That’s insane! And you can carry around a beer in your hand and no one stops you!

The cool thing about being in Vegas, the larger than life moment for me was landing. If you look at Vegas on a map, the airport is literally distances away from the Strip. When you compare any airport, you’re usually in the middle of nowhere. You’d have to be thousand of miles in the air to have a nice aerial view of the city. Vegas is completely different. It’s so close that you feel like you can touch it. It’s like looking-out-your-window-and-seeing-you-neighbour-across-the-street close.

Below are the pictures that I was able to capture with my Iphone, so please excuse the bad quality. I’m telling you, the pictures do not capture the beauty of this city at night. Day 1 over!



IMG_4192 IMG_4194 IMG_4195 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4203 IMG_4205 IMG_4206 IMG_4208 IMG_4209 IMG_4211 IMG_4212 IMG_4213 IMG_4216 IMG_4218 IMG_4220 IMG_4226

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