Las Vegas ’14 – Part 2

Day 2 of Vegas

The best thing about walking along the Strip is… there’s no need for headphones! Because I go on vacation alone, I always walk around the city with my headphones. Being in Vegas, there’s music everywhere! So never did I have to plug in my headphones.

The weather is your typical Vegas weather. Hot. But the nice thing is that, once you start getting hot from walking outside, walk into a casino for about 5 mins and you’ll feel refresh. The AC in these casinos are crazzyyy, but visually, they’re not the best.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to walk end to end of the Strip because I had plans with my friend. But I do think it’s do-able in one day. Bring comfy shoes. I went through 2 outfit changes because I decided to wear heels the first time.

My advice is to finish your walk as the sun is setting because the buildings look amazzingg!



Aria Hotel



BellagioBellagio 3 Bellagio 4Bellagio 5Bellagio - Fountain

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar's Palace 2Caesar's Palace 3Caesar's Palace 6Caesar's Palace 9 Caesar's Palace 8Caesar's Palace 10

Circus Circus

Circus Circus

Crystal – Located in the Aria.

It’s like a FASHION HEAVEN!!

Crystals 1Crystals - Fendi, Tom Ford, LVCrystal - LVCrystals - Tiffany & CoCrystals - GucciCrystals - Prada Crystals 5 Crystals 4 Crystals 3 Crystals 2 Crystals - Lanvin Crystal 4Crystals - Celine 1



High Roller / The Quad

High Roller 4 High Roller 2 High Roller 1

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental 1 Mandarin Oriental 3

MGM Grand

MGM Grand 1 MGM Grand 3
MGM Lion

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo 1 Monte Carlo Monte Carlo 2

New York New York

New York New York New York New York 2 New York New York 1 New York New York - Liberty New York New York - KissNew York New York - Candy StatusNew York New York - Kisses New York New York - Broolyn Bridge


Palazzo 4

Paris Paris

Paris Paris 2 Paris Paris

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood 2

The Cosmopolitan

The CosmopolitanThe Cosmopolitan - Car The Cosmopolitan - Light The Cosmopolitan - Light.2 The Cosmopolitan - Light 1

The Forum Shops – Located in the Caesar’s Palace

The Forums Shops 2 The Forum Shops The Forum Shops 3 The Forum Shops 1 The Forum Shops - Inside Sculpture The Forum Shops - Inside Sculpture 1 The Forum Shops - Inside Blue Skys The Forum Shops - Inside Blue Skys 8 The Forum Shops - Inside Blue Skys 7 The Forum Shops - Inside Blue Skys 5 The Forum Shops - Inside Blue Skys 4 The Forum Shops - Inside Blue Skys 3 The Forum Shops - Inside 3 The Forum Shops - Inside 2

The Forum Shops - Inside 1

 The Mirage

The MirageThe Mirage 1 The Mirage 3 The Mirage 2

The Strip

StripThe Strip 5The StripThe Strip 2

 Treasure Island

Treasure Island

The Venetian

Venetian Venetian 2 Venetian 1


Wynn Wynn 5 Wynn 4 Wynn 3 Wynn 1

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