Las Vegas ’14 – Final Day

Last Day of Vegas

Before going to Vegas, I had people tell me that it’s definitely a city that you have to go with someone. It’s either too dangerous to go by yourself and either that, it just wouldn’t be fun. I have to say that I disagree. Vegas is do-able alone. The thing is, I’m not a heavy drinker or someone who likes to go to the club. I like exploring the city, seeing the culture and architecture. Never did I feel unsafe walking around alone. When you’re in a new city alone, you’re going to be smart about where you go and how late you stay out until. There are cops everywhere in Vegas. You’ll always feel safe. You wouldn’t feel out of place because there are tons of tourists, from families to couples and other one-person party visiting this city. So if you ever want to visit Sin City alone, go ahead, BUT be smart about it. Vegas, in my opinion, is a city you don’t have to stay for a week to enjoy it, a couple of days will do.

My last day in Vegas was pretty slow. I had a late check-out, so all I did until about an hour until leaving, I just relaxed at the hotel. MGM Grand’s pool is apparently one of the biggest and greatest.

MGM Poolinstagram 3instagramMGM Grand - Pool 1MGM Grand - Pool 3MGM Grand - Pool 11

Rode the monorail to see my friend at work at the Las Vegas Convention centre. A one-way ticket is 5 bucks and it’s probably the best way to see the entire strip in 10mins.


My trip to Vegas by far has been a very different experience. Although I spent my time there half with my friend and half alone, the things I did, the things I saw, even the way I dressed was very different. I’m a city girl. Vegas is a city, but it’s nothing like New York City or Toronto or Chicago. I believe what made it different was that, unlike the other cities, you can see mountains. I was really bummed that both my flights to and from where at night because I would’ve love to see the Grand Canyon from above. No matter where I am, I always dress like I’m trying to hard (I wear heels). I went through 2 outfit change during my 2nd day because I first left wearing a high waisted skirt and heels. Had to change into shorts and my toms to look more the part. I didn’t do any of the tourist things I would’ve done. I guess because it was such a short trip and the fact that I was working non-stop until my trip, I didn’t have much time to research and create an itinerary.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed every second of being with my really good friend, the entire experience and besides, if I had an itinerary, it wouldn’t be me living in the moment! (one day at a time!)



Airport 1
The airport view from the window of the hotel

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