Floral Shorts & Chambray Sleeveless

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Summer is coming to an end and I have yet to wear shorts on this blog. So, why not start now? It’s never too late especially since the weather in Toronto has gotten really hot lately. Seriously, the weather is completely all over the place, winter and summer.

I’ve mentioned in my last outfit post that with my brother starting school, we decided to start taking photos in the morning before he heads to school. Shooting in the morning seems to be the perfect time because the sun is still rising and so there’s this golden glow that gets captured by the camera (and it’s a lot quieter in the neighbourhood)

My brother did a little location scouting the previous day and came across this spot in Humber Park where you can see the Toronto skyline. Go figured, he suggested that we take some photos there and I should have more of a casual, laid-back outfit. So I though, this would be the ideal place to take some photos wearing shorts.



Shorts – H&M
Top – American Eagle
Shoes – Toms
Bracelets – H&M
Tote – Marc Jacobs




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