On my Instagram, I post up a lot of sunset/clouds/skies photos. It might seem random and/or typical of bloggers to post such things, but for me, it’s special.

I started this blog to inspire not only myself, but anyone else who comes by. Those moments of pausing and looking into the sky and seeing how beautiful the skies can get, are moments that I usually never see and miss because I’m too busy with everyday life to take it all in. The meaning behind one at a time is to embrace every moment that we get (I get), day by day and enjoy everything in life. A moment like this (pausing and looking out) is something that I’m learning to do. With every photo op that I do, with every moment where I’m standing still, I take advantage of those moments and look up.

The idea of looking up, is the idea of looking into the unknown – the abyss because I don’t know what’s beyond that point. It’s a moment where I reflect. It’s the moment where I feel infinite. It’s the moment where I feel like ‘come on world, give me your best shot. I can take this. I can do this.’

Below is a collection of photos I have taken, moments where I feel the most relax and the most free. Hopefully you guys will feel the same way!



EtobicoeHighPark HighPark1 HighPark2 HingHam HingHam1 HingHam2 HumberPark Lake Lake1  Lake4 Lake6PurplePurple1Sunset NYC NYC1 NYC2 NYC3StatueofLiberty

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