Montreal – Old Montreal

Montreal! The only Canadian city I’ve been to besides Ottawa (which doesn’t count because it was a short grade 8 trip)

I’ve been to Montreal twice, once during the fall (November) and than during the winter (February). With both vacations, I stayed for about 4 days, Friday to Monday.

When people say Montreal is like the practice Europe / France, they are not kidding. Walking into Old Montreal is like walking down the streets of Rome or London. I’ve never been overseas before, but I think I get the idea from watching movies.

The first time when I went, I went alone. Yes, I go on vacations alone, sue me. It’s not that bad going alone. You get to do whatever you want, eat whatever and wherever you want, stay at a “boring” museum for hours without having to worry about the other person being entertained or not. It’s great.

On my first trip to Montreal, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency. It was the perfect location because it was close to everything I wanted to do AND it was part of a mall.

Old Montreal

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