Meaning behind “one at a time”

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve started my blog and although I haven’t been able to blog as much, trust me, I’m trying!

I never had an intro to why I started blogging or the meaning behind the name “One at a Time”, so I figured this would be it.

I’ve always wanted to blog and/or talk about the adventures I go on and the wonderful things that I see. I majored in fashion and so, obviously, fashion is what I love to do. It all started when I was studying Forensic Science in Windsor and a short trip to NYC that made me realized that my calling was in fashion. When I was living on campus, I sent my hours flipping through fashion magazines and putting my ootd together instead of studying. Getting compliments also was a factor. (plus watching Gossip Girl and 90210)

All my friends would say that I have a great fashion sense and that they love my style and would ask me for my fashion advice. This would spark my interest towards blogging. BUT the one thing that all bloggers need to do, is something I hate doing. Being photographed. So being in the fashion industry, I leaned towards being a stylist/visual merchandiser because my job would be to dress and style without my face being seen. Perfect!

So why the change? I moved to NYC in September for a 4 month internship with Stella McCartney. Because it was unpaid, I had no choice but to move back to Toronto. Boo. I came back In January of this year and was unemployed. And I HATED IT! I was going crazy doing nothing! Taking breaks from the job hunting, I would start following a ton of bloggers on Instagram from Aimee of Song of Style, Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook, Jessica of HapaTime etc andd so I thought, this is a great way for me to keep my mind busy from the mindless job search. And when employees asked me what I’ve been doing for the pass X months, I can say “I’ve been working on my blog”. How cool does that sound?! But of course, there were many factors stopping me; no photographer, HATE pictures, HATE posing, and is this something that I can commit too?

So in March, I finally did it. After months of contemplating, I did it. One at a Time was born. The name came pretty easy to me. It basically mean to take life one day at a time, enjoy and embrace every moment that you can. I don’t really live my life. I’m pretty boring that way. I need structure and timetables. Everything needs to be plan. You would never describe me as someone who live life spontaneously. This blog is to remind me and inspire me to live life to the fullest and enjoy everyday that I have. To live life on the edge a little, take chances and risks. (Putting myself in front of the camera is definitely taking myself out of my comfort zone)

The travel part of my blog was something extra that I wanted to add. I love travelling. I do most of my travelling alone. I tend to take a lot more photos of the cities I visit and my surroundings than I do of my outfit, so I figured, why not. Like most people, we all have a bucketlist of cities we want to see. This blog is a place for me to collect and reminisce all the places that I’ve been to and hopefully give people the chance to see and read the things that one can do in a city – alone or with company. I’ve been lucky to travel to the places I do and take several vacations a year. The photos I take is a way for me to share with my friends my experiences and hopefully get them excited enough to want to go!

You can say that my blog is a lifestyle blog or a fashion blog or just a blog in general talking about random things. Whatever it is, I’m hoping to not only inspire myself, but also anyone else who follows me or comes across my blog to take life ONE (thing) AT A TIME.

Fashion. One outfit at a time.
Travel. One city at a time.
Inspire. One day at a time.
One at a Time



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