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2nd and last day in Boston/Worcester was all about Wahlburger!! My family and I have been watching the show Wahlburger on A&E and we’re in love with this family! They are one hilarious bunch of people, especially the mother!

Wahlburger is located in Hingham, Mass, which is about 30mins south of Boston. The restaurant is located in a plaza along the pier called the Hingham Shipyard, along with a couple of shopping stores, other restaurants and a movie theatre. For the people who watch the show, AlmaNova is located, literally across the street. Once you walk outside Wahlburger, you see AlmaNova.

The restaurant is divided into 2 section, dine in and full service section. The dine in section of the restaurant is fairly small and because it was so busy, we waited about an hour and a half for a table for 6. The hostess was incredible sweet and awesome dealing with a group of cranky, impatient, hungry bunch of people (eg. us)

The other half of the restaurant was the counter service. Like every fast food restaurant, you stand in line, order your food and you can sit down and enjoy your food. The sitting area for the counter service section is different from the dine in section. So if you and a friend didn’t want to wait in line to eat in the dine in section, you can simply line up in the counter service line, order your food and hope that there’s an empty table for you to sit by the time your food was ready. Difference is, no waiter/waitress service.

The food was amazing. Either that or we were really hungry.

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