windy city – chicago

chicago has been one of those cities that i’ve always wanted to travel too. before 2013 ended, i was able to book a pretty decent 3nights/4day trip. i headed to chicago in the beginning of december, so the weather was pretty decent. (1 day – sunny, 2 days – cloudy, 1 day – rainy)

travelling alone, i did my research – what buildings i had to see, what museums i had to visit, what streets to be on and what bus to take. I spent an entire weekend creating an itinerary. I was able to visit all 3 museums in Museum Campus, a visit to Navy Pier, walk by the Chicago Theatre, take a selfie at the Cloud Gate (also known as the bean), and a stop at the observatory deck of the John Hancock building and the Willis (Sears) Tower. All made possible by purchasing a citypass.

Arrival: decorations at O’hare airport. the credit-card-like bus pass and check in!

O'hare airport IMG_2844

Because I was there for 3 full days, I got the 3day bus pass that costed me 20bucks. It costed $5 to get the card itself, but the $5 can be reimburse if you registered your card. I decided to used that $5 on my last day towards my rid from the hotel to the airport, but what I didn’t know, is that the 3day pass works on a hourly base vs day base. So the pass was good for 72hrs.

I took the Blue train from the airport to the hotel. The rid was about 30-40mins. As I looked out the window, I couldn’t help but noticed that chicago look a lot like Toronto, which unfortunately, I wasn’t to happy about. But nonetheless, I was in chicago and I was going to enjoy this trip. I arrived at my hotel, four points by sheraton magnificent mile/downtown, checked in and got upgraded into a bigger room! (Benefits of being a Starwood member) I don’t spent much time in my hotel, but it was really nice to have a fridge && a microwave. (with trader joes right away the corner)


First stop: 10min walk to Navy Pier featuring the Ferris wheel & Shakespeare theatre!

Navy pierIMG_2851IMG_0126IMG_2861IMG_2856

Second stop of the day: John Hancock Building.

Right outside navy pier was a bus terminal, so I hopped on and took a bus to the John Hancock building. Not a long rid, about 5mins. One thing I loved about walking from the bus stop to the building is all the Christmas lights. It felt a lot more homey and had a completely different vibe than NYC holiday lights. around this time of year, apparently, according to the employees of the building, they don’t experience much traffic and so it was a quick rid up to the observatory deck. Although, i do love seeing a city up in lights, I was disappointed with the view. You couldn’t make out anything. My advice, go during the day. But with the monitors in the room, it was nice to see what could’ve been seen during the day and what buildings were in view.


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